Call for Papers: Marx Now! 2019

Marx Now! 2019: Power — Conflicts and Contradictions

Forms of power pervades all spheres of life, including the university. Yet where there is power, there is also the possibility of subversion. To explore different concepts of power and subversion, the Danish Society for Marxist Studies would like to invite you to our annual conference, Marx Now! at the Danish School of Education (DPU) in Copenhagen, 4–5 October 2019. The purpose of the conference is in part to strengthen the critical research traditions at universities, to identify gaps and blind spots and to bring together researchers from disparate fields. We invite those inside and outside of the academy to join us in this endeavor and urge potential contributors to translate the broadly formulated theme into their own areas of research.

The overarching theme of the 2019 conference will be Power: Conflicts and Contradictions. Power is contradictory. It suppresses, directs, conducts, registers and standardise. The power of capital relies on and reproduces a wide array of social contradictions and antagonisms relating to class, gender, race, sexuality, body forms, culture, nationality, etc. That domination and exploitation historically have gone hand in hand seems beyond questioning, so instead we will ask how and through which mechanisms the two have been linked. How can we best understand the ways in which capital has produced or reshaped and utilized identity markers as class, race and gender?

The aim of this year’s conference is to interrogate Marxist perspectives on power. If capital is ‘the command over unpaid labour’ (Marx, Capital), what does that mean for our understanding of the relation between economic and political power? Is there a distinctive Marxist perspective on power, and if so, how should we define it? Is ‘capital’ something that can exercise power, and what is the relation between Marxist and non-Marxist (mainstream and critical) conceptions of power? Is power something that can or should be ‘taken’, and if so, what would that mean in the current conjuncture?

We welcome papers which reflect on these questions in the context of contemporary capitalism as well as in the different historical constellations of capitalist societies and from historico-political as well as abstract-theoretical perspective. Papers may address problems such as:

  • What is the logic of contradictions under capital?
  • Which conceptual oppositions characterize the logic of capital? Examples could be freedom and coercion, abundance and scarcity, accumulation and destruction.
  • How do power and powerlessness relate to each other as a conceptual pair?
  • Does subversion arise from within power relations or is it better understood as exterior to it?
  • How should we understand the relations between capitalism, colonialism and racialisation, the economic coercion of workers and the brute force and violence exerted under conditions of chattel slavery?
  • Are gendered relations of dominance linked to an assumed opposition between productive and reproductive work, and if so how?
  • What is economic power and what power do contemporary economists possess?
  • How is power concentrated and reproduced among elites?
  • Is the periodization of history an exercise of power? For instance, how does the distinction between feudalism and capitalism express an underlying power relation when we consider capital as a global phenomena?

As was the case at all three previous Marx Now! conferences, we will also try and take papers into consideration which do not directly touch upon the theme. We welcome papers on any subject central to your specific field of work, provided it in some way or another is rooted in a critical research tradition.

Please submit your abstract of 200-300 words to no later than 1 August 2019. Abstracts and presentations may be in Danish or English.


The Danish Society for Marxist Studies is an academic organization dedicated to promoting research in and inspired by Marx and the entire critical tradition of thought, which springs from his theories. “Marxist” should thus be understood in the broadest possible sense and as a society we do not adhere to a specific theoretical or political position. The society hosts an annual conference and aims to transcend the narrow disciplinary boundaries of academia, holding that any Marxism worth its salt would do so.


Author: Selskab for Marxistiske Studier

Selskab for Marxistiske Studier er en akademisk organisation, der har til formål at fremme akademisk forskning i og inspireret af Karl Marx og marxismens kritiske forskningsprogram i Danmark.

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